Gimnasio Campestre los Cerezos

Citizen Entrepreneur Trainers

FORCE is a diploma program oriented to the development of entrepreneurial skills and attitudes in students from Transition to Ninth Grade that allows them to generate innovative productive ideas. In addition to being a diploma course with content in various areas of transformation in entrepreneurship, FORCE is a human program that bases its learning experiences on the concept of entrepreneurship as a lifestyle connected to our institutional philosophy: entrepreneurship is a tool that allows us to expand on knowledge of ourselves . The more we know ourselves, the more we are able to master and get the most out of everything we do.

Our FORCE Entrepreneurship Diploma enables students to:

  • Promote and strengthen innovation in the management education of their own lives.
  • Be active and responsible in the creation of new projects.
  • Generate entrepreneurial thinking at the local level to prepare them for higher education and the uncertainty of the globalized world.
  • Working and cooperating in a group developing skills for the 21st century
  • Learn from their mistakes and look for solutions.
  • Have personal initiative and make decisions based on the development of their critical thinking.
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